Renovating a Historic Home in Ann Arbor, MI

I bought a home on the Old West Side and completely renovated it. I've been before the Historic Commission board 3 times. View details of my renovation here. I'm a tech entrepreneur and real estate investor and enjoy living on the Old West Side.

If you have a home in a historic district you need to follow the historic district guidelines and seek approval before renovating. Most home buyers learn about these rules after buying a home. This can be painful.

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Are you in the historic district?
Detailed property records can be found here
Use Map Washtenaw for maps of historical aerial photos, flood zones, and more.
Browse the map below (click for full size):
For a detailed description of all regulations, go here and click on the "Historic District Design Guidelines" pdf.

If you're doing a larger renovation, I recommend working with an architect with Ann Arbor historic experience. Jill Thatcher is the point person in the Ann Arbor government for historic district questions. Contact her before buying your home or starting a renovation project.
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